This policy provides the framework for the implementation of quality principles to achieve JMD Railtech Group’s objectives. Show quality management leadership that promotes continuous improvement.

This policy is supported by the underlying quality principles which ensures activities are supported by documentation that is in accordance with legislation, regulations, standards and policies.

Quality Principles:

  • Comply with current Australian and International quality standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015.
  • Communicate our policy and procedures to all staff to ensure understanding of responsibilities in delivering a quality service.
  • Act quickly and assuredly on customer concerns to meet their key performance indicators.
  • Effectively measure, monitor, analyse and review business areas to promote continuous improvement.

Quality Targets

  • JMDR will maintain an overall score of 4 for Customer Service Satisfaction Surveys.
  • JMDR will complete all Assessments of Competence within 4 weeks of the application being submitted by the client.
  • JMDR will ensure the Competency Certificates of all internal staff will be renewed in a before they expire.
  • JMDR will have 2 Approved Verifiers and 3 Approved Reviewers based in India for Circuit Book Updating.

Dilip Goyal

Managing Director

JMD Railtech Group

21 May 2019