Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision and mission for the business guide everything that we do and together with our values, define the company’s character and inspire our behaviour. Together these form an effective pathway to achieve our goals and be successful in our industry.


Global rail industry provider of choice for engineering services


Our Mission is to be the preferred provider to the global rail industry of high-quality engineering
services, specialising in:

  •  Rail Engineering Design
  •  Construction, Test and Commissioning
  •  Asset and Maintenance Management
  •  Project Management
  •  Competency Management, Assessments, and Training

We have a strong commitment to our Environmental, Social, Governance and Safety
responsibilities and believe this commitment can be achieved in parallel with building the long-
term interests of our trusted partners - customers, employees, community.


We are committed to our Accountability for Safety, Customer Satisfaction, and Value for Money.


Our people operate with Integrity and are committed to our Environmental, Social, Governance and Safety responsibilities.


We respect our Colleagues, Clients, Business, Community and the Environment.