Company Overview


Founded in 2005, JMDR is a global leader in Rail Engineering with offices in Australia (Sydney, Ingleburn, Newcastle, Melbourne, Dandenong, Brisbane and Perth), USA (New Jersey), Canada (Toronto), New Zealand (Wellington and Upper Hutt), UK (York) and India (Mumbai, Bengaluru, Noida and Hyderabad) and employing a team of more than 480+ staff and sub-consultants. 

Unmatched real world experience and professionalism is what sets us apart and ensures that all of our projects are completed on time and on budget. 


Our Capabilities

We deliver turnkey rail system solutions including design, construction, wiring, testing & commissioning, signalling & system works, cable routes, civil and track works, safety assurance & audits, and provide nationally accredited training.

Our team of 480+ committed people has skills across various rail disciplines including Signalling, Track, Civil, Systems Assurance and Competence Management.

JMDR is an IRSE Licensing Agency and can also assist with ARTC, MTM and V/Line rail competency assessments. We have carried out more than 1500 competency assessments for ARTC and MTM Rail, and more than 650 IRSE Licensing assessments in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, UK, India and Australia. We are also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), delivering numerous Rail Safety related qualifications in Australia and New Zealand. Our training centres are in Sydney, Ingleburn, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wellington and Mumbai.

JMDR offers Signal Design solutions from concept design to detailed design and including technologies from Relay Interlockings to CBI, including Principles Testing (Design Integrity).

JMDR has delivered the complete detailed Signalling Design for many key projects in NSW and Victoria including Erskineville Junction, Sydney Yard (STAR 1), Waterfall Remodelling, Gosford Area Resignalling - NSW, Automatic Train Protection (multiple areas 1, 6, 7 and 8 - almost 42% of network) – Sydney, OCMS – Victoria, Gawler Electrification (GREP) signalling designs - SA and is currently delivering the signalling detailed design for MTMS 3A STAR 2 – NSW (Sydney Yard Remodelling), Morisset, NIF Concept Designs and many others.

From a construction perspective we have delivered all signalling construction, testing and commissioning works for Sydney Metro Central Enabling and MTMS South Package – TfNSW, ARTC’s Waratah to Sandgate Resignalling Project, Lilyfield Light Rail (D&C), Wollongong Junction, PCM and SKS projects of Sydney Trains, various MSA projects and ATP Area 6 and 8 Construction Project (D&C). We have recently completed multi-discipline project of Kangy Angy.

We have Framework Agreements with significant numbers of Rail Operators for long term delivery of design and construction projects.

Currently we are working on 35 Level Crossings of Wellington 6B Level (Designs), Sydney Yard STAR 2 (D&C), Waterfall Remodeling (D&C), CRRDA - Principles Testing, MTM - OCMS Designs and many others.

In India we have successfully completed the Dedicated Freight Corridor signalling construction for ALSTOM over a 350km length of track and we are delivering a number of other interlocking and axle counter projects.
Currently we are working on 4 Metro Projects (Delhi Metro, Pune Metro, Indore Metro and Bhopal Metro).

We also have Simulation Facilities for CBI Interlockings at Sydney, Melbourne and Wellington.

JMDR also carries out significant product assembly works at their factory workshops and has completed the wiring of many major projects in Australia and India. Our warehouse and assembly workshops are at Ingleburn, Beresfield, Dandenong, Upper Hut, Noida and Greater Noida.

JMDR also have two small railway signalling museums. One at Ingleburn (NSW) and another one at Upper Hutt (Wellington).


Putting People First

Our commitment to the health and safety of our team, clients, contractors and the community is genuine and paramount to our reputation. Maintaining best practice and a high level of compliance is at the forefront of our operations and ensures performance, reliability, efficiency and above all safety in everything that we do. 

JMDR offers excellent career opportunities including promoting the programs for Interns, Apprentices, Indigenous Australians, and Graduates.