Welcome our new joiners

It’s our privilege to advise that JMDR has become an Employer of Choice.

We welcome our new joiners.

Andrew Briggs had been previously working with JMDR on casual basis as a Signalling Electrical Installer for more than 2 years and has decided now to join the team on permanent basis.

Doug Milosevic with 18 years of Rail Signalling Design and Project Engineering experience including Conventional Signalling, Train Control Systems and ATP.

Abhishek Mitra, an Electrical Engineer with MBA and having previously worked in Project Management integrated with business development for automation system solutions.

Anil Bhonagiri with Masters Degree in Networking (Cyber Security) and will support JMDR for IT and Cyber Security functions.

Mohan Reddy brings in extensive Signal Design Engineering experience, having been previously involved with the Mayne Interlocking Replacement Project, Shorncliffe Pilot Line (SPL) ETCS L2 Project and various other projects across Australia and overseas.

Welcome aboard and thanks for joining.

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