Welcome our new joiners

We are proud to present our new joiners

Olga Darnasia – Senior Signal Design Engineer. 
Olga has over 11 years of signalling design experience (from concept to detailed design) with local  SoCs of WA and NSW.
Ajith Perera – Group General Counsel
Ajith has over 25 years of legal experience in corporate, construction, technology, mergers and acquisitions. He is a Solicitor of England & Wales and Australia. Ajith has previously worked in law firms and also had been an in-house General Counsel, Compliance Head, and Company Secretary in England, Australia, USA and in the African and Asia Pacific Regions.   

Rajitha Kalupahana – Sr. Project Manager
Raj as an experienced Project Manager with significant railway project delivery experience in Operational Technology, Communications, Condition Monitoring, and Infrastructure. He has successfully delivered many highly complex, multidisciplinary projects in operational environments.

Drew Fortune – Project Manager
Drew joins JMDR New Zealand team as a Project Manager. He has 20 years of project management experience, including 14 years in the rail industry with KiwiRail, scoping, planning, and delivering engineering projects. 

Bhargav Suthar – Resource Coordinator
Bhargav has started his journey with JMDR as a Resource Coordinator and keen to learn Signalling and become a Signal Engineer                                                                   


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