Signalling Principles 2

Building on the underpinning knowledge gains from Signalling Principles 1, this course aims to equip participants with the required knowledge and skills to be able to explain the part Signalling and control systems play in the safe and reliable operation of the rail network including how to apply suitable protection measures to guard against human failure.

The purpose this course is that the learner will be able to demonstrate a professional understanding of signalling, from first principles, and can apply this knowledge in a safe, fit for purpose and cost effective manner. The learner must be able to show how the principles are combined and are taken into account in the system i.e. look at the signalling and control system as a whole including Network Rules.

This course looks at the following modules:

  • Module 1 - Traing Detection
  • Module 2 - Relays
  • Module 3 - Signal Operation / Sequence of Operation
  • Module 4 - Route selection, availability and setting
  • Module 5 - Point setting & locking
  • Module 6 - Route Checking, Signal Clearing and Replacement
  • Module 7 - Approach Locking, Route Holding and Releasing
  • Module 8 - Single Line Operation and Bi-Directional Operation

Course Duraiont: 4 day

Delivery Method: Face to Face

Cost: $1795 + GST

Location: JMDR Training Centre, Level 3, 263 Clarence St, Sydney, 2000.

Assessment Method: Written Assessment