Critical Resource Provider

JMD Railtech – The supplier of Railway Signalling Personnel!

The Railway Signalling Industry as with any engineering industry can experience peaks and troughs in terms of output and for many organisations predicting the correct staffing levels can often be problematic.

To remedy this, JMDR offers a professional resource provision service to clients wanting to supplement their workforce by providing competent and experienced personnel either on an hourly rate, fixed term contract or long term temporary.

JMDR take pride in the in the quality of the staff that they provide and each candidate has their qualifications, work experience, competency certificates investigated and verified before their services are provided to a client.

JMDR can provide organisations with the following occupationally competent and certified resources: -

  • Licensed Personnel
  • Signal Engineers
    • Commissioning Engineers
    • Project Engineer
    • Commissioning Managers
    • Test Engineers
  • Signal Electricians
  • Signal Authorised Personnel
    • Signal Electrical Installer
    • Signal Mechanical Installer
    • Assistant Tester
    • Circuit Tester
    • Circuit Function Tester
    • Signal Tester in Charge 

Certified Personnel:

  • Signal Engineer - Maintenance/Construction
  • Signal Design Engineer
  • Signal Electrician
  • Signal Installer/Tester
  • Trades and Assistants Site Access and Work Competence
  • IRSE Licensed Personnel in the following categories
  • Signal Designer
  • Principles Designer
  • Design Verifier
  • Test Assistant
  • Verification Tester
  • Functional Tester
  • Tester in Charge