With more than 2 years and 70 successfully completed and validated IRSE License Assessments under our belts JMDR is the go to IRSE Assessing Agency for companies such as Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation, who we just completed 35 assessments for, Bombardier Thailand, where we did 11 assessments and Alstom in the UK where we have completed 10 assessments. We have the capability and experience to undertake IRSE Assessments in Signalling Design, Testing, Maintenance and Installation throughout Australia, UK, India and Asia.
In addition to IRSE Licensing, JMDR continue to be approved by ARTC to undertake Workplace Assessment for the issue of a Statement of Competency. We are a company that is very well developed in our understanding of competency and competency management within different work environments and understand the need to develop a system of competency management, that fits each workplace.
In order to do this, we offer a Competency Management Consultancy Service, where experienced members of the JMDR team will help you find a Competency Management System that meets the needs of your workplace. Please contact Richard Hobby (richard.hobby@jmdrailtech.com) for any matters concerning Training & Competency.