JMDR Training Centre (Sydney) will be running the Sydney Trains Approved ST46 – Signal Inspection & Testing course in August 2019.

This course aims to equip participants with the required knowledge and skills to be able to undertake circuit inspection and testing within the Sydney Trains network.

At the end of this section delegates will be able to:

• Have an appreciation of the implications and ramifications if any of the required signalling testing activities are omitted

• Undertake inspection and testing activities as per the current Sydney Trains Engineering specifications

• Complete inspection and testing documentation as per the required protocols

• Have an appreciation of the importance of safety while conducting inspection and testing activities

As JMDR are approved to deliver this course on behalf of Sydney Trains, the certificate that is issued may be used as evidence that the course has been completed when applying for a relevant Sydney Trains Certificate of Competence.

For dates and course fee’s please contact our Training Department.