Rohan Deegan - Rohan is a Sydney Trains Licensed Signal Electrician. He joins JMDR because he understands that there are no hierarchy or bureaucracy issues in JMDR and he can approach anyone to everyone to deliver with safety, quality and commitment, where he is appreciated for what he does.

Fuat Gokdemir - Fuat is also a Sydney Trains Licensed Signal Electrician and one doesn’t need to go too far when it comes to customer focus and enthusiasm without any arrogance. He is switched on and always keen to learn to improve things around him and excel in everything he does.

Shaun Tam – Shaun Tam returns back after 5 years to join us again in our ATRICS team led by Owen Watkinson now. Shaun has over 7 years’ experience in Rail Control Systems specializing in the ATRICS platform, interfacing to a wide array of signalling interlocking systems and telemetry systems.

We are privileged to have our new staff on board and we look forward to deliver additional projects - simple to complex, and minor to major with multiple teams (of 309+ staff over 12 offices, who understand our values - Accountability, Customer Focus, Integrity, People and Value for Money.