Welcome our new joiners

JMDR NZ are excited to welcome two new recruits to our team Drew Fortune (BBusMgmt) and Evan Batchelor.

Both Drew and Evan are returning to the Rail industry after spending time in other sectors.

Drew is our Wellington based Project Manager, with over 15 years of NZ Railways experience including delivery of significant Mechanical and Rolling Stock plant and infrastructure projects. He is joining JMDR to drive the success of our NZ portfolio and ensure optimal Client project outcomes.

Evan joins us as a senior Systems Specialist - bringing deep expertise in NZ Rail Train Control Systems support and upgrades, radio and communication systems, alongside other rail and IT specialisations. With over 25 years' experience including 11 years with KiwiRail, Evan will be a major asset to the local industry.

JMDR is thrilled to continue growing our NZ team and enhance / broaden the support we can offer our local Clients.

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