Competency Management

JMDR are experts in Competence Management and we are committed to ensuring that our employees and subcontractors can demonstrate their continued competence (by way of a valid competence certificate) for the services that they provide.

Our in-house Training & Competence Manager, Richard Hobby can assist both companies and individuals with the processes require to gain competency certificates for the following Rail Operators

  • Australian Rail Track Corporation - ARTC
  • Metro Trains Melbourne – MTM
  • County Rail Network – John Holland CRN
  • Sydney Trains

Where work is required to be carried out for other domains JMDR’s approach can be adapted to meet our client’s requirements.

How can JMDR help you?

Whilst all companies understand just how important and necessary Competence Management is, it can often fall by the wayside or be managed reactively and not proactively. JMDR offer a full Competence Management which can take the headache out of the whole process allowing Signalling companies to concentrate to what they do best.



Since 2012 JMDR have been approved by ARTC to undertake Workplace Assessment that leads to the issue of an ARTC Statement of Competence. In that time, we have undertaken over 100 assessments for companies and individuals across the whole of Australia.

We have approvals to undertake assessments for those working in the Signaling Construction, Testing and Design disciplines.




In July 2017 JMDR opened an Office in the Docklands area of Melbourne in June 2017 in order to be able to assist MTM and V/Line with the unprecedented demand in rail signalling services. JMDR are approved providers of MTM Siganlling Competency Assessments.


For those based where IRSE Licensing is mandatory or for those companies that choose to adopt the IRSE Licensing Scheme as a method of demonstrating competence JMDR can help!

JMDR became an Approved IRSE Assessing Agency in September 2014 and in that time, have carried over 100 Assessments for candidates based in UK, India, Australia, South East Asia. Our Assessing Agency Manager guides candidates through all stages of the process from completing the logbook to writing the mandatory self-assessment and preparing for the assessment.

JMDR has approvals to Carry out assessments for the following signalling disciplines

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Senior Engineering Manager / Engineering Manager (various categories)

Although Sydney Trains and John Holland CRN assess and manage the issue of Competency Certificates internally, JMDRs thorough understanding of their requirements makes the process of applying for these straightforward.

All JMDR’s assessors are fully qualified and occupationally competent to undertake assessments.

For more information on how JMDR can assist you, please contact Richard Hobby ( to discuss your requirements.