Project Manager / Asst. Project Manager
Sydney, Australia
Description : * Prepare to assist in inspection and testing of signalling equipment * Safely perform work to ensure that the inspection and testing do not compromise the integrity of the existing signalling system. * Perform Installation Tests / Checks of signalling equipment * Finalise testing and reporting activities * Effectively manage scheduling and programming to ensure that the project remains on time and within budget specifications. * Responsible for the day to day decision making regarding design and site activities. * Provide a central contact point for the client regarding any variances, queries etc. * Maintain a co-operative and fair relationship with our clients and their representatives, organising meetings or other information to be received from or distributed to them as required. * Actively liaise and consult with relevant staff members to ensure effective communication is maintained. * Daily communication with the Design team to ensure the project remains on track. * Prepare weekly reports on the status of the project to the General Manager. * Build and maintain relationships with current and new suppliers and subcontractors. * Actively consult with engineers and other technical team members to ensure that design intentions are achieved. * Actively promote the Company and its products through direct client contact as appropriate. * Prepare recommendations to the General Manager for the letting of subcontracts following the subcontract negotiation process. * Negotiate and manage the efficient supply of labour and materials within the scope of accountability and ensure the quality standard required is maintained. * Assume overall responsibility for the delivery of projects.