Electrical Engineering Technician / Rail Engineers / Signal Engineers / Signal Design Engineers
* Producing detailed signalling designs\r\n * Implement design scope in accordance with company standards and procedures\r\n * Provide technical guidance and working with the team to ensure that technical queries are resolved satisfactorily\r\n * Assist with the planning and management of projects including time and resource allocation\r\n * Providing support / mentoring to assistant designers ensuring that they fully understand the signalling design scope.\r\n * Attend in-house and external training sessions for your own IRSE log book update for review\r\n * Liase with Group Leaders, Senior Engineers or Engineers and other discipline members of project team on project specifications and requirements to establish a shared understanding of design scope, budget, time constraints, success indicators, quality, environmental and safety standards, and perform design tasks accordingly.\r\n * Contribute to team success by following project plans and scheduled works for projects to ensure they are completed in a financially responsible manner, to time, cost, quality and safety standards, and satisfying client requirements.\r\n * Assist Group Leaders to resolve problems related to technical specifications, safety, quality, environmental and resourcing by following established procedures to minimise the impact on the delivery of design projects.\r\n * Knowledge of RRI, SSI or Mechanical systems ideally all three.\r\n\r\nKnowledge/Experience Requirements:\r\n\r\n\r\n * To hold IRSE License 1.1.150C/D or equivalent as a minimum.\r\n * Appropriate technical qualification or equivalent\r\n * Signalling construction methods and installation experience\r\n\r\nSalary : $ 60,000 - 90,000